Lanta Gardenhill Resort is located on Koh Lanta - the local name for Lanta island of Krabi province, Thailand. The island is famous for its long white-sanded beaches on the west coast where most of Koh Lanta's travellers always enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, beach activities and relaxing with a beautiful blue sky, crystal clear sea water and shining white sand.
Old Town
There is a village on the east side of Koh Lanta called Old Town. There you will find some local restaurants with Thai-styled delicious seafood dishes. Everyday, many fresh fishes, shrimps, crabs and the others arrive the town to serve a number of travellers. Old Town is also a place with shops of local stuffs, such as, crafts, clothes and more for anyone who wants to get souvenirs from Koh Lanta.
Some parts of Koh Lanta are places that fully filled by natural environments. Its hills and forests become home for many cute animals, such as, monkeys and birds. Travellers may take a sight seeing day trip around the island. And there is also the lighthouse - a landmark of Koh Lanta located on the southern cape of the island.
Traditions and Cultures
Koh Lanta has been home of native people for a long time. The island is a place where different nationalities; Thais, Chineses, Muslims and some of Sea-Gypsy vilagers are living together. Coming to Koh Lanta on traditional festivals may give you the valuable experiences and let you feel like touching the main core of Koh Lanta.